Clue Technologies is teaming up with AERTEC Solutions in the Clean Sky 2 project IMASAT (Integrated Modular Avionics for Small Air Transport).

For this R&D project, Clue is developing a safety-critical avionic computer that shall be defined by its compact size, lightweight, and low cost.

The results of the research work will be used to define and implement the Integrated Modular Avionics concept (IMA) for Small Air Transport (SAT) aircraft with a capacity of 6 to 19 passengers. The aim of this project is to help the European industry adopt fly-by-wire systems (FBW) to reduce the weight of avionics systems, reduce the number of maintenance operations and improve safety by improving the human-machine interface and automatically help stabilize the aircraft.

The purpose of the IMASAT project is to provide a response to one of the goals of the Clean Sky 2 initiative, the most important European research program for the development of technology that improves competitiveness in the industrial aeronautic sector, and also intends to reinvigorate the SAT market, encouraging the application of new and profitable technologies in the systems area for a future state-of-the-art small air transport aircraft. The project research work will focus on the design, manufacturing, and classification of the new computer node, so it can be used as a flight control element in this SAT segment, providing a new approach for the architecture, design, software, production, and certification of a new integrated modular avionics concept.

AERTEC Solutions, a Core Partner of Clean Sky 2, is the coordinator of the IMASAT project. AERTEC Solutions is an international engineering company that specializes in technologies applied to the aeronautical industry. Both companies have their headquarters in Malaga and are partners of the Cluster of Aerospace Systems of the Andalusia Technology Park.

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