Our motto is to create simple solutions
to big problems.

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Our motto is to create simple solutions to big problems.

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Witty Box Family of Flight & Mission Computers

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Who we are

What we do

At Clue we research, design and produce innovative electronic systems for the aerospace industry.

Our main areas of expertise are embedded system design, intelligent control technologies and smart wireless communications for aeronautic applications.

We collaborate in R&D projects with the global key players and develop disruptive products from scratch.

Our motto is to create simple solutions to big problems.

How we work

First at all, we work fast. Clue’s design applies new agile methods that are rare in the aerospace industry, such as fast iterations and quick-prototyping.

Then we test and we learn. And we start all over again. Every technology that we put in the hands of our clients is shaped by avid curiosity and continuous hard work.

And we do all that while keeping the highest quality standards. Clue is an EN-9100 certified company and a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Our Team

At Clue, forward-thinking engineers work hand in hand as parts of integrated, multidisciplinary project teams.

In addition to our core Spanish team, we have a network of highly specialised partners operating around the globe.

To empower our  R&D core business, we have stablished long term collaborations with researchers in the private and public sectors.

We research, design and produce innovative electronic systems for the aerospace industry.


The one-size-fits-all solution

Witty Box is a series of general-purpose computers for aerospace systems based on a modular and flexible architecture that implements some of the world’s most advanced computing technology.

It is pre-certified for aerospace standards, in accordance to the recent ETSO2C153 for Integrated Modular Avionics, which allows for flexible configuration. A tailor-made solution for your operative needs.

Witty Box, in its various form factors, is being used by the major world aircraft developers for several avionic and mission applications.

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Smart software for smart people

Little Whizz is a framework for the development of Data Analytics applications that runs on your platform OS.

Little Whizz applies self learning algorithms and big data for a wide range of applications, from business case analysis to health monitoring and predictive maintenance. It is designed to provide detailed, contextualized, easy-to-process information based on all data collected through your system. It runs on desktop and tablet, for easy on-site access. Its intuitive UX makes sure its suited for implementation in large task forces.

Little Whizz is currently being used to develop several minimum viable products based on real requirements provided by customers. We would like to hear about your experiences and specific requirements.

“It’s probably just a broken wire somewhere along the 140 miles of it”

Installations in a commercial airplane include up to 230 kilometres of wire, with a total weight of around 1.6 tons. This has direct impact on both performance (due to the additional weight), design complexity and costs related to installation and maintenance.

This is why we are are currently R&D’ing various solutions for wireless data transfer between devices within large electronic systems, working in a wide range of frequencies.

The Silent Net R&D project aims to develop a safe W-Link that works in high-noise environments.

SpaceBee is new wireless communication protocol currently under development. Created to support wireless sensors networks, it is optimized for low consumption, state of the art security and secure performance in high-noise environments.


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