What will you do?

Within a full-time position, as an RTL Engineer you will be an integral part of a team that invents, builds, verifies, and maintains a myriad of IP Cores for internal use, ranging from Avionics IP cores to state-of-the-art custom application modules. This position will be placed in Málaga.

To do this, you will engage in design decisions across disciplines and teams (hardware, firmware) and will analyze requirements and designs to detect areas of improvement or non-compliance. 

Additionally, you will help us lead and own all FPGA development in which we put our IP to work in Clue’s computer boards. 

Throughout your experience, you have developed technical skills such as

Mandatory (Between 3 and 5 years of relevant experience):

  • You are very comfortable using an HDL language (VHDL, System Verilog) 
  • Using synthesis tool is second nature to you (Synplify, Vivado, Quartus II)
  • RTL Verification is an essential part of your toolbox set (Directed test benches, formal verification, UVVM).


  • Static Timing Analysis is more than an interview question
  • You rather script something than do it twice (Python, TCL)
  • You understand what formal verification is and how to use it
  • You have worked under the guidance of design assurance standards (DO-254)

What skills do we value?

  • You have a proactive attitude, demonstrate autonomy and take ownership of your daily tasks.
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills are key to excel as an RTL engineer. These define you.
  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness are not only for kids, you have ability and eagerness to learn.
  • You understand that to go far you go together, you are team-oriented and humble.
  • You take pride in your work and you know that your team is your first customer, you value quality and attention to detail.
  • Communication is key; your written and spoken English skills are very good.

What do we offer?

  • Opportunity to join one of the most innovative aerospace companies in the country.
  • Promotion. We rapidly advance people who have good performance.
  • Salary and benefits depending on candidate profile.
  • Meals offered by Clue.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • 5 weeks flexible holiday.
  • Private Health Insurance.


By applying you consent to the processing of data and disclosure to Clue Technologies. Therefore, you must read, understand and accept the Data Privacy Statement.